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Philip Garaway
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Philip Garaway has been dealing in museum-quality antique Native American art for more than 40 years. Over the past 30 years he has also built a solid reputation as a dealer in early classic Western and California Plein Air paintings. Philip’s first introduction to Native American culture came, when as a teenager, his parents moved from Los Angeles to the Monument Valley area in Northeastern Arizona where they were school teachers on the Navajo Indian Reservation. Through his early contacts with contemporary weavers and historic trading families on the reservation, Philip began buying and selling rugs. Soon he was holding shows in American cities across the country. In 1983, Philip opened The Native American Art Gallery in Venice, California. The gallery developed a national and international clientele with a reputation for handling historic pieces of exceptional quality. He lectures at institutions including the Southwest Museum, the Autry National Center, the Bowers Museum, UCLA, and the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Wyoming and many more. Philip continues his parents’ legacy by volunteering to speak to children at local grade schools about Native American culture and history. All art pieces purchased through Philip Garaway come with a certificate that guarantees their authenticity. In addition, Mr. Garaway offers professional appraisal, restoration, curatorial, and private brokering services. We are always looking to purchase single objects or complete collections.

Below is a partial list of the material we handle:

Navajo Weavings 19th century classic wearing blankets Chiefs’ blankets Serapes Germantown weavings Transitional blankets Regional floor rugs of all sizes Pueblo Pottery 19th century historic pottery: ollas, bowls, canteens, etc. from the Zuni, Acoma, Hopi, Cochiti, San Domingo, San Ildefonso, Santa Clara, and Zia pueblo tribes. Noted 20th century potters such as Hopi revivalist Nampeyo, Maria of San lldefonso, Lucy Lewis of Acoma, and Margaret Tafoya of Santa Clara pueblo and others. Vintage Hopi and Zuni Kachina Dolls. Inuit art from Okvik/Old Bering Sea, Punuk, Thule, to Historic 19th century Material. Baskets (from all Western tribes) Attu, Aleutian, Tlingit, Salish, Wasco, Yurok-Karok, Hupa, Pomo, Maidu, Washo, Yokuts, California Mission, Panamint, Hopi, Apache, Pima, etc. Northern and Southern Plains Material Historic beadwork and quillwork Painted hide objects, pipe bags, moccasins, horse paraphernalia, etc. Western Paintings (19th & early 20th century) Important noted painters and paintings from the Taos/Santa Fe School and California Plein Air paintings.
Hopi Kachina Doll
Punuk Engraved Ivory Needle Case
Navajo Silver Horse Bridal with Western Bit
Large Mono Coiled Cook Basket
Large Coiled Mono Cook Basket
Large Pomo Twine Burden
Navajo Late Classic Third Phase Chiefs Blanket
Navajo hand spun natural wool rug with waterbeetle and feather motifs
Hopi Kachina Doll