Important Publications

Note: This is not a complete list, but a guideline for basic research and information on the primary cultures of Asia, Africa, the Americas and Oceania. This list will be added to frequently and any suggestions of important or newly released publications not mentioned would be greatly appreciated. Following this list are several resources for finding most if not all of these publications.

China, Japan, and East Asia:

"Shang Ritual Bronzes, in the Arthur M. Sackler Collections" Robert W. Bagley, 1987.

"Western Zhou Ritual Bronzes, from the Arthur M. Sackler Collections" Jessica Rawson, 1990.

"Eastern Zhou Ritual Bronzes, from the Arthur M. Sackler Collections" Jenny So, 1995.

"Ancient Bronzes of the Eastern Steppes, from the Arthur M. Sackler Collections" Emma C. Bunker, 1997.

"Early Wares: Prehistoric to Tenth Century (A Survey of Chinese Ceramics)" Liu Liang-yu, 1991.

"Spirit of Han" Lu Yaw, et al, 1991.

"The Golden Age of Chinese Archaeology" Xiaoneng Yang, 1999.

"Mysteries of Ancient China, New Discoveries from the Early Dynasties" Jessica Rawson, 1996.

"A Journey Into China’s Antiquity" Volumes I-IV. National Museum of Chinese History, 1997.

"The Chinese Bronzes of Yunnan" Jessica Rawson, 1983.

"The Arts of Japan: Ancient to Medieval" Seiroku Noma, 1987.

"The Great Age of Japanese Buddhist Sculpture, AD 600-1300" Nishikawa Kyotaro & Emily Sano, 1982.

"Ukiyo-E, 250 Years of Japanese Art" Roni Neuer & Herbert Libertson, 1979.

"Bugaku Masks" Kyotaro Nishikawa, 1971.

"Miniature Masterpieces from the Middle Kingdom" Clare Lawerence, 1996. Book on Snuff Bottles.

"The Collector’s Book of Snuff Bottles" Bob Stevens.

"Chinese Snuff Bottles" Lilla Perry.

"Chinese Snuff Bottles-The White Wings Collections" Robert Kleiner, 2000.

"Chinese and Central Asian Textiles" Selected Articles from Orientations Magazine (in single catalog form), 1983-1997.

"Ainu, Spirit of a Northern People" William Fitzhugh & Chisato Dubreuk, 1999.

Central Asia & the Middle East:

"Ikat, Silks of Central Asia" Kate Fitz Gibbon & Andrew Hale, 1997.

"The Decorative and Applied Art of Turkmenia" Aurora Art Publishers, 1976.

"Turkmen, Tribal Carpets and Traditions" Louise Mackie & Jon Thompson, 1980.

India, and the Himalayans:

"The Encyclopedia of Tibetan Symbols and Motifs" Robert Beer, 1999.

"Tibetan Sacred Art, the Heritage of Tantra" Detlef Ingo Lauf, 1976.

"Masks of the Himalayas" Liza Bradley & Eric Chazot, 1990.

"Ikat Textiles of India" Chelna Desai, 1987.

"The Art of India" Hermann Goetz, 1964.

"Woven Cargoes, Indian Textiles in the East" John Guy, 1998.

Southeast Asia-General:

"Sculpture of Angkor and Ancient Cambodia" Helen Ibbitson Jessup & Thierry Zephir, 1997.

"Angkor and Khmer Art" Henri Stierlin, 1997.

"The Art of Southeast Asia" Philip Rawson, 1995.

"Islands and Ancestors, Indigenous Styles of Southeast Asia" Jean Paul Barbier & Douglas Newton, 1988.

"Power and Gold, Jewelry from Indonesia, Malaysia, and The Philippines" Susan Rodgers, 1985.

"The Jewelry of Southeast Asia" Anne Richter, 2000.

"The Bronze Age of Southeast Asia" Charles Higham, 1996.

"The Bronze Dong Son Drums" Ha Thuc Can, et al, 1989.

"Textiles and the Tai Experiences in Southeast Asia" Mattiebelle Gittinger & H. Leedom Lefferts, Jr., 1992.

Indonesia and Borneo:

"Hornbill and Dragon" Bernard Sellato, 1989.

"The Eloquent Dead" Jerome Feldman, 1985.

"Indonesian Primitive Art" (Dallas Art Museum) Jean Paul Barbier, 1984.

"Beyond the Java Seas" (Smithsonian Institution) Paul Michael Taylor & Lorriane V. Aragon, 1991.

"Traditional Weapons of the Indonesian Archipelago" Albert G. van Zonneveld, 2001.

"Borneo and Beyond" Michael Heppell & Robyn Maxwell, 1990.

"A Journey Among the Peoples of Central Borneo in Word and Picture" H.F. Tillema (Translated by Victor T. King), 1989.

"Indonesian Art, Treasures of the National Museum" Various authors, 1998.

"Splendid Symbols, Textiles and Tradition in Indonesia" Mattiebelle Gittinger, 1979.

"Indonesian Primitive Art" Irwin Hersey, 1991.

"People of the Weeping Forest: Tradition and Change in Borneo" Jan B. Ave & Victor T. King, 1986.

"Cultural Heritage of Sarawak" Lucas Chin, 1980.

"Iban Baskets" Jean-Francois Blehaut, 1998.

"The Traditional Architecture of Indonesia" Barry Dawson & John Gillow, 1994.

"The Legacy of Majapahit" John Miksic & Endang Sri Hardiati Soekatno, 1995.

"Messages in Stoneā€¦" Jean Paul Barbier, et al, 1998.

"Masks of Kalimantan" Michael Heppell, 1992.

"Arc of the Ancestors, Indonesian Art from the Jerome L. Joss Collection at UCLA" Jerome Feldman, 1994.

"Arts of Asia Magazine, September-October 1980" (Indonesian Issue). Various authors, 1980.

"Pusaka, Heirloom Jars of Borneo" Barbara Harrisson, 1986.

"The Batak, Peoples of the Island of Sumatra" Achim Sibeth, 1991.

"Nias Tribal Treasures" Danielle Lokin, et al, 1990.

"Banua Toraja" Jowa Imre Kis-Jovak, et al, 1988.

"The Court Arts of Indonesia" Helen Ibbitson Jessup, 1990.

"Forgotten Islands of Indonesia" Nico de Jonge & Toos van Dijk, 1995.

"Walk in Splendor, Ceremonial Dress and the Minangkabau" Anne and John Summerfield, 1999.

"Balinese Textiles" Brigitta Hauser-Schaublin, et al, 1991.

"Gift of the Cotton Maiden, Textiles of Flores and Salor Islands" Roy W. Hamilton, 1994.

"The Woman’s Warpath, Iban Ritual Fabrics from Borneo" Traude Gavin, 1996.

"Pua, Iban Weavings of Sarawak" Edric Ong, 1996.

"Early Indonesian Textiles" Robert Holmgren & Anita Spertus, 1989.

"Decorative Arts of Sumba" Jill Forshee, et al, 1999.

"Ancient Indonesian Bronzes" Paul Scheurleer & Marijke Klokke, 1988.


"Nagaland" by Verrier Elwin, 1961.

"The Seven Sisters of India" by A. Stirn & P. van Ham, 2000.

"The Ao Naga Tribe of Assam" by W. C. Smith, 1925.

"The Nagas, Hill Peoples of Northeast India" Julian Jacobs, 1990.

"The Angami Nagas" J. H. Hutton, 1921.

"Naga Art" Milada Canguli, 1984.

"The Konyak Nagas, An Indian Frontier Tribe" Christoph von Furer-Haimendorf, 1969.

"Art of Nagaland" Jean Paul Barbier, 1985.

The Philippines:

"The People and Art of the Philippines" Gabriel Casal, et al, 1981.

"From the Rainbow’s Varied Hue, Textiles of the Southern Philippines" Roy W. Hamilton, et al, 1998.

"Land of the Morning, Treasures of the Philippines" David Baradas, 1995.

"Fabric Treasures of the Philippines" Donald Rubinstein, 1989.

"The Last Filipino Headhunters" David Howard, 2001.


"Material Culture of the Formosan Aborigines" Chen Chi-Lu, 1968.

"Formosan Primitive Art, Masterworks for the Museum Collection" Chen Chi-Lu, 1978.

"Culture of Clothing Among Taiwan Aborigines: Tradition-Meaning-Images" Saalih Lee, 1998.


"Oceanic Art" Volumes 1 & 2 Anthony JP Meyer, 1995.

"Oceanic Art" Adrienne L. Kaeppler, et al, 1997.

"Oceanic Art" Nicholas Thomas, 1995.

"Island Ancestors, Oceanic Art from the Masco Collection" Allen Wardwell, 1994.

"Art of Northwest New Guinea" Suzanne Greub, 1992.

"Art of the Pacific" Anne D’Alleva, 1998.

"Hawaiian Sculpture" J. Halley Cox & William H. Davenport, 1974.

"Maori Art" A. Hamilton, 1997.

"Maori Art and Culture" D.C. Starzecka, et al, 1996.

"Art of the Sepik River" Suzanne Greub, 1985.

"Kunst Vom Sepik", Volume 1-3 Heinz Kelm, 1966.

"Art of the Solomon Islands" Deborah Waite, 1983.

"The Art of Tonga" Ko E Ngaahi’ Aati’ O Tonga, 1997.

The Americas/Pre-Columbian-General:

"North American Indian Art" Peter & Jill Furst, 1982.

"Native American Art, in the Denver Art Museum" Richard Conn, 1979.

"Art of the Northern Tlingit" Aldona Jonaitis, 1986.

"From the Land of the Totem Poles" Aldona Jonaitis, 1988.

"Down from the Shimmering Sky, Masks of the Northwest Coast" Peter MacNair, et al, 1998.

"Indian and Eskimo Artifacts of North America" Charles Miles, 1963.

"Historic Navajo Weavings, 1800-1900, Three Cultures-One Loom" Tyrone Campell, 1987.

"Pre-Columbian Art and Later Indian Tribal Arts" Ferdinand Anton & Frederick Docstader, 1968.

"Pre-Columbian Art of Mexico and Central America" Hasso von Winning.

"Pre-Columbian Art, the Robert Woods Bliss Collection" Dumbarton Oaks Museum Collection.

"Rediscovered Masterpieces (of Pre-Columbian Art)" Berjonneau & Sonnery, 1985.

"Pre-Columbian Art of South America" Lapiner, 1976.

"Art Before Columbus" Andre Emmerich, 1963.

"The Mexican National Museum of Anthropology" Ignacio Bernal, 1970.

"Treasures of the New World" Berjonneau & Sonnery, 1992.

"Ancient Arts of the Andes" Wendell Bennett, 1954.

"Arts of the Amazon" Barbara Braun. 1995.

"Taino, Pre-Columbian Art and Culture from the Caribbean" Fatima Bercht, et al, 1997.

"Art and Archaeology of Pre-Columbian Cuba" Ramon Moure & Manuel Rivero de la Calle, 1996.


"Primitivism in 20th Century Art (Vol. 1-2)" Museum of Modern Art, NY, 1982.

"African Art in American Collections" Robbins & Nooter (Smithsonian Publication), 1985.

"Rediscovered Masterpieces of African Art" Gerald Berjonneau & Jean-Louis Sonnery, 1987.

"African Sculpture Speaks" Ladislas Segy, 1975.

"The Tribal Arts of Africa" Jean-Baptise Bacquart, 1998.

"Treasures from the African Museum, Tervuren" Wasmuth.

"Lessons in the Art of Seeing African Sculpture" Jerry Thompson & Susan Vogel.

"African Faces, African Figures" The Arman Collection.

"African Forms" Marc Ginzberg.

"Nigerian Images, the Splendor of African Sculpture" William Fagg & Herbert List, 1963.

"Treasures of Ancient Nigeria" Ekpo Eyo & Frank Willett, 1980.

"African Art" Duncan Clarke.

"Masks of Black Africa" Ladislas Segy, 1976.

"Shoowa Design, African Textiles from the Kingdom of Kuba" Georges Meurant, 1986.

Miscellaneous General Art Areas:

"African and Oceanic Art" Margaret Trowell, et al, 1967.

"The Power of Headdresses" Daniel Biebuyck & Nelly Van den Abbeele, 1984.

"Shields: Africa, Southeast Asia, and Oceania" Jean Paul Barbier, et al, 2000.

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